Strategies for Successful Long-Distance Caregiving

Long-distance caregiving has become increasingly common due to the changing lifestyles of both seniors and families. Many caregiving agencies are now equipped to include long-distance loved ones in caregiving. Advances in technology also make it possible for far-away family members to be involved in caregiving.

Smart strategies for long-distance caregiving include:

  • Selecting a caregiver agency that uses technology to offer real time interaction and transparency between in-person caregivers and family members
  • Using video calling technology to stay connected with seniors on a regular basis
  • Hiring companions, transportation, and other services designed specifically for seniors
  • Opting for the support of a professional senior care agency
  • Setting up automatic bill pay and other regular needs so seniors don’t have to track them
  • Making sure access to medical records has been granted to those living far away (Money US News)

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